About us

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Recruitmentgoal.com as it name implies is a website dedicated to provision of job information gathered from a verified source with rich contents own by Adibe Emmanuel Mmesomachukwu, a library and information science para professional currently in his HND1. Our major objective is to provide Nigerian citizens with updates concerning job opportunities in both private and government sectors.

Recruitmentgoal.com is not based on trends but based on findings of research, we provide you with basic steps in acquiring an available job, keep you updated with all you need to know about any job vacancies in Nigeria.

We work very hard in making sure that we provide our visitors with correct and accurate information. Processes involved in acquisition and dissemination of information are as follows:

  • Research
  • Collection of data
  • Analysis of data collected
  • Ascertain accuracy
  • Classification
  • Channel
  • Dissemination

Following this procedures, our website is very certain and free from misleading readers. Research, which is the most important step to take, we find out the available job opportunities, gather the necessary data from the research with accuracy then analyse the information at hand. Group them into categories in other to ease our guest from unorganized information.

Recruitmentgoal.com is a blog to be visited twice a day for we are here to keep you updated 24/7.